B.C. Written Multiple Choice

1-Day Simulation Test

December 1, 2021 

9:30AM - 3:00PM

Course Description:
  • 2 ½ hour test with 8 Scenarios & 80 questions

  • Simulation of actual test day

  • Review of all questions and answers

  • Reference books and page numbers

** This test will gauge your strong points and your weak points just before your actual test. Knowing what you need to study will be crucial to your success! **

Written Multiple Choice - 3 Day Seminar
All NEW and UPDATED Scenarios, Mock Tests & Study Guides
Our Fall courses have concluded.
Please check back for future class dates.

Course Description:
Practice Scenarios & Study Guides on
Fires, Haz-Mat, High-Rise, Car/Train Accidents, Terrorism, Collapse, Gas Leaks, Propane, CO, Mass Causality & Buildings Under Construction and more!
Oral Presentation - 3 Day Seminar

September 9th, 24th & October 5th
(9:30am - 3:00pm)

Course Description:
Practice Scenarios & Study Guides on
Fire Scenarios, Supervisory Scenarios & Administration and more!